Saturday, August 25, 2012

Golden Brick Road

I'm not waiting for my life to go, I'm the star in my own show...
I should have been on Broadway, the way I work this stage.
I have to make my own way
I have to pay for the fame.. 
It's all life and I live it. 
It's about paying to play, and I'm wit' it. 
Giving up means suicide
I'm not about to sit here and hear my mama cry
Over careers in a casket. We have fears about the near but Imma mask it
And take advice from the rich bitch
Capitalize on shit and make my money till the fun quit.
Till its not fun anymore...
Then I'm out the door...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

False Idols

They are tools of destruction
There were tools before them and there will be more after
They are my enemies
Theyre blinded by selfishness and simplicity.
Darkness disguised as shine
Im a tool of enlightenment
There were many before me
and if I do my job right
Theyll be many more after Im gone

Monday, June 25, 2012


Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue Indigo
My Violets never silent, my Greens on a pedestal
Underestimated so Im going to be your downfall
My competition aint wise so they dont expect much at all
I look down on limitations from the space of eternity
Can I get a moment to hyper your sensitivity?
Worldly ignorance is inspiration to my creativity
Every good thing ends so youre gonna wisen up you see
My heart and mind are my most valued possessions
Passion and intellect keep my being a steppin
Keeps my psyche moving forward on to the next lesson
Next period, schools high, hope you enjoyed your session
On my brainwaves..

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm Pretty...Maybe...

I don't mind not being pretty
Pretty girls lack substance
You have nothing on the inside but your outside rubs on us
Its OK child, do your thing girl, that's what you do,
But when 30 hit I hope you know more than what you do
Its going to be just another day in the la la for you
But when the day come now, to and fro
Its gonna be rejection for you
Grow a brain do your thang more life lessons for you
'Cause when that style go you better grow
more studying for you.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I want to love and be thanked for my love...
I want to fill the void in you life and be blessed for it...
I want to give you my heart and be rewarded for my gift...
I want to achieve your desires and gain the desires of my heart...
I am love and want you to be in me.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

South Central Los Angeles

This doesnt belong to us, they say. This place is gone. We lost it without a struggle

To the people that are one of us but not. A blacker people... A destructive people. Who call us brother but then stab us. Who call us sister but then betray us.

This place is gone they say, but I dont see it that way. It is still ours but out of our control. Like ones hand grabs at water, we loose it. We learned how to control the element. We can control our own.

Bars for Days

Leaving you behind

So you don't like my progression? You don't like my new out look on life

Are you mad because I changed my path and decided not to be a hood wife?

My look no longer suits you but I don't mind. Your brain is in the gutter so will be your eyes.

What a sad sight. Yet you look at me like I didn't do something right. :-/

 I'm moving on child. My life is calling me. Can you open your heart and see what I see?

Maybe then you can progress and join me but for now admire my beautiful back as I leave.